Ez Cash Creator Review

Product: Ez Cash Creator

Creator : Travis Stephensonezcashcreator

Niche : Video Marketing

Website : Ez Cash Code Official Site

BONUS : YES! See below!

Ez Cash Creator launches on 2/3/14 and people are wondering what the heck the software is all about. I got my hands on the Ez Cash Creator ahead of the launch date so I’m ready to give you the breakdown.

What the heck is the Ez Cash Creator software?

The software leverages the power of massive sites like Cnn.com to drive targeted traffic to affiliate offers. No more writing content or creating videos to drive traffic.

Now all you have to do is find emotional, political, money, or various other types of content on super popular sites and press a few buttons and viola. You have your affiliate links/banners on sites like CNN.com.

This will help in increasing conversions because people know, like and trust CNN and other popular sites like these, so your conversions will go through the roof!

Ez Cash Creator Modules :

Home – This module is broken into 3 steps and opens with a video breakdown of how the software works, and how to start using the software to make money.

  • Step 1 – Sign up for the free webinars included with the EX Cash Creator software.
  • Step 2 – Get a professional website for free (or is it?)
  • Step 3 – Start using the software

ez cash creator

The video is the most important part of the home tab because it shows you how to leverage the software and the power of high authority sites to make commissions online.

Webinar Sign-up – These are exclusive webinars for members of the Ez Cash Creator software.

These will be training and question and answer webinars focused on teaching you how to maximize the power of the software, and actually make money online.

Claim Website – This is pretty annoying, but pretty common these days. They claim you get a free website worth thousands and after the pitch they end up trying to hit you with an upsell. The “not so free” site.

EzCashCreator Control – This is where the magic happens. It looks like such a basic software at first glance, but when you dig into you learn the real power in how it works.

The Ez Cash Creator software lets you add your affiliate links to popular sites like CNN within a few clicks of the mouse.

Successful Campaigns – This is an additional training area for Ez Cash Creator members. There are a few trainings that show you what other cash creator’s are doing to use the software and make autopilot commissions online.

Contact Us – This software is so easy I really don’t know why you would need support but there is some help on the other side if you get lost or have questions.

ez cash creator review

How Do We Make Money With Ez Cash Creator?

This is broken down step by step in the members area, but to start making money with the software you need 3 things.

  1. Affiliate account to make money
  2. Cash pulling content to link to (no more writing content)
  3. Add banner to get clicks
  4. Start getting affiliate clicks and commissions

Pros -

  • BRAIN DEAD simple to setup
  • Increase conversions and commissions
  • FREE webinars
  • Private members area
  • Support

Cons -

  • Too many upsells
  • Premium membership for multiple campaigns

Ez Cash Creator Review -

In the end I recommend Ez Cash Creator to anyone that is looking for a way to increase trust and ultimately their affiliate commissions through the power of leverage.

You can leverage the trust of big sites known world wide to start getting affiliate clicks by tonight. The software does it’s best to help increase conversions and it is super simple to get up and running. If you’re on the fence be sure to check out the Ez Cash Creator review video.


Ez Cash Creator Bonus :

If you’re looking to maximize your value and get the most out of your hard earned money I have a special bonus for you that includes :

  • Done-For-You SEO
  • One On One training
  • Youtube marketing formula
  • and much, much more!

Click the link to find out all about my Ez Cash Creator bonus!


43 thoughts on “Ez Cash Creator Review

  1. Vera

    Unable to enter the Members Area

    I have gone through all the steps and paid for all the offers, and was taken to a page saying:

    Welcome To Your Members Area!

    Members Only Access! This area is for members only. If you are already a member please login using the form below.

    I filled in a handle as my username and typed a password and ticked the remember me box, and tried to log in but nothing happened. I have not received an email ascribing me a username or password. Trying to “recover password”, I filled-in my email address as required, but I don’t know whether to choose Commission Conspiracy or Cash Machines2 – I tried the first one first, but nothing happened save an orange “Requesting Password…” notification, but it stays that way forever with nothing happening.

    This is all very frustrating, considering the amount of money I have paid for all three offers, which I can ill afford, namely:
    [some info removed for security.]

    What to do?

    How can I get my username and password and a link to the page I need to enter the Members Area?

    Thanks for any help



    1. admin Post author

      Wow.. I hate to hear stuff like this but the good news? There IS a few ways to get around it :

      1) Check the spam folder and/or promotions tab in your email around the time you made the purchase. This is a common issue and your access info may be there.

      2) Contact support. It sounds like you did nearly everything you can on your end so contact the vendors support. This will sometimes be the solution.

      3) Contact Clicksure directly and get them to help you out. This takes some time and we probably want this to move as fast as possible at this point so you may want to try the next option.

      4) Head over to Warriorforum and look for the post created by Clicksure staff. If you go on there and complain, and tell them what happened, you will get a response and you WILL get taken care of. Clicksure’s reputation is on the line so they will be there to support you pretty quickly.

      That’s what I would do. Hope this helps. By the way, if you used my bonus link for the Ez Cash Creator please contact me directly for the bonus!

  2. rod

    so what if i dont have a product to sell a page to link to or any affiliate links? besides the software purchase how do i get everything else i will need to make money?

    1. admin Post author

      Good question. Making money online comes down to two basic functions. You need a product to sell and you need traffic to buy the product.

      The Ez Cash Creator software will help with the traffic part by allowing you to drive traffic to authority sites like CNN for free, and there will be your affiliate link waiting for people to click it.

      Now for the offer, you can use affiliate networks like Clickbank to get affiliate links for free. ALl you do is sign up, find a product you want to promote, and click “promote” and viola. You have a nice fresh link that you can promote, and anytime someone makes a purchase, YOU get paid.

      Hope this helps,
      Ez Cash Creator Admin

  3. Rodney

    To test what you are saying about this product, i went to CNN, how come I didn’t see your or anyone Else’s ads at the top of that page. Also if 100 people are using this software, how are all 100 ads going to fit at the top of the page?

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Rodney,

      Great question. So the software allows users to add their affiliate link in, and choose a page they want to send people to. It could be CNN, ABC, or any site in the world really.

      Once you choose where you want to send people and add your affiliate link the software will give you a special link that you can promote. This special link will send people to CNN, or ABC, or whatever site you choose but this time it will serve up your popup or your banner with affiliate link.

      How does Ez Cash Creator help?
      Getting people to buy from you is one of the hardest parts of making money online. Why? Becuase they don’t know like or trust you. This software allows you to leverage the power of highly trusted sites to get more clicks and conversions on your links.

      hope this helps,

      Ps – the limited bonus for Ez Cash Creator is still available!

  4. Vicente Pajaro

    What are these upsells? What are its functions,features , benefits and how much are they? Do I need to purchase the upsells to get maximum results or for the product to work?

    Sincerely yours,
    Vicente Pajaro

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Vincent,

      I’m glad you stopped by. There are a bunch of upsells on this product and some people are pretty pissed about it, but that is just how internet marketing works. A product without an upsell says more about the marketer than anything.

      As far as the functions and features, please reread my review and watch the video. There is no point in me rewriting my Ez Cash Creator review when it is right above this comment.

      You do not NEED the upsells but if you do not have a few traffic methods on lock then you may have some trouble using the software. Why? Because this software will help increase trust, conversions, and commissions but you will need to get traffic to the link.

      My Ez Cash Creator bonus will help you with the traffic generation part. Hope this helps you, Vincent.

      Thanks again and if you have any more questions feel free.

      1. Vicente Pajaro

        I know and understand how the basic product works as seen in your video but I was just asking about the upsells because I assume you might know something about it! Are you saying you have a traffic generation software in one of your bonuses? Are you going to help me gain traffic that will convert into sales? If that’s the case I will just order the basic product from you and “To Hell with the Upsells then”?That’s why if you have a traffic generation software on your bonus I will purchase through your affiliate link because I have been unsuccessful with traffic generation and I hope you will be my key to success! Please let me know if you have a traffic generation software that will know only help me gain traffic but sales as well and if you do rest assured I will purchase through your affiliate link!

        Also how many links could you promote?

        1. admin Post author

          I do not offer a traffic generation software, but I give you my formula for generating free traffic and commissions within 7 days plat. I added these 15+ traffic generation video training course to the bonus because the Ez Cash Creator software lacks in this area a bit.

          I would say to hell with the upsells, but the only issue with that is you can only promote one campaign (link) at a time unless you have the premium membership so you may want to grab that one so you can run multiple campaigns.

          I know how to generate traffic, and I will show you the way in my bonus. If you’ll let me that is.

          Hope this helps,

          1. Vicente Pajaro

            I guess I will get the basic software from you through your affiliate link and as soon as I make money with the Basic Software! As Now I will not buy yet coz they cost a lot with :
            Upsell 1:$197
            Upsell 2:$297

            Looking at it already wants to make my eyes roll up and faint plus the fact that their payment processor is Click-to-pay which I don’t even anything about unlike clicksure I am familiar with! Just help me make lots of money with the basic software I promise you I will buy the upsells so you could commissions as well so we could help each other make money,how’s that sound? I will be forever be Grateful to You! Please help me prove my critics wrong,thanks!

            By the way will you suggest me campaigns that will make money as soon as I send you my receipt?

          2. admin Post author

            I think that is a great idea. Just run one campaign at first and go from there.

            Actually, I do not get paid more when you get upsells on this product because it is a ‘cpa’ offer. So my suggestion actually was from the heart.

            I can not promise anything, but what I can say is I will give you my traffic training that will definitely help you understand how to make the most of this software. Without traffic this Ez Cash Creator software is basically worthless.

            There is some training in the members area on campaigns but I will do my best to add my two sense and get you on the right foot.

            The most important thing is that you continue to take daily action. Without this, you will not make it online!

            Hope this helps and let me know if you have anymore questions.

          3. Vicente Pajaro

            Actually the reason why I want you to help me make money so I could purchase the second upsell because according to the video I could promote unlimited campaigns and they said that they also provide unlimited traffic as well! Whenever I buy from you will you help me choose the right product to promote from clickbank so I could gain traffic that will convert into sales? As soon as I make lots of money I will surely refer your affiliate link to my friends!

          4. admin Post author

            Sure. I will do my best to find a product that converts and matches your offer. No problem Vincent.


      2. Vicente Pajaro

        Just help me make money and I can assure you that you won’t regret meeting me because when I start making money and be able to buy the second upsell and again make more money I will surely make sure that I will refer all my friends to you! May this be a start of a good business relationship! By the way is the EZ cash creator Your Bread and Butter already and has brought you financial freedom?

        1. admin Post author

          1) I don’t make more money when you buy the upsells.
          2) I use affiliate marketing as my “bread and butter” which is what the software is based on.
          3) Financial freedom for me means sitting on a beach never working or having to do anything and I make $10k per day. I have not reach that point but I take action everyday to get there, which is what I think it takes.

          I wish we could have spend this conversation back and forth coming up with great products and things for your business. If you want to grab the Ez Cash Creator software go ahead and click here. I think I answered all your questions, and I look forward to helping you with the software.

          1. Vicente Pajaro

            I finally bought the product through your affiliate link and here is the order#:
            You Ordered: EzCash Creator Main Membership

            Here are the list of what I am promoting please tell me which one is the Best to promote among them:

            Could also help me by suggest me what articles to use, pics and help me gain traffic to it that will help convert into sales,thanks!

          2. admin Post author

            You must not have read the FULL bonus page of this site. Right under the button it says you MUST pay full price to get my Ez Cash Creator bonus.

            I worked my ASS off to learn these techniques over the last couple years. NOBODY handed me a damn thing, and you can’t expect anything different.

            That said, I want to help you. I will be sending you the Youtube formula so you can start driving traffic.

            As far as what products to target, I would do the lotto or speakspanish. Then I would Run through the Youtube marketing formula and target people interested in those types of keywords :
            make money with lottery or learn spanish online fast

            Hope this helps and keep your eye on your email for the video marketing formula and Ez Cash Creator bonus.

          3. Vicente Pajaro

            By the way here is what I did as a practice in the EZ Cash Creator:
            [link edited]
            I wanted to show you what I learned from the software videos and will ask you what you think of the link? Do you think I should still promote the Spanish one you chose!? Am I on the right track so far?

          4. admin Post author

            Hey Vincente,

            The link didn’t work.

            Please contact me through email from now on. Thank you,


          5. Vicente Pajaro

            In case you think the link is okay please help me put in traffic that will convert into sales,thanks! I already shared shared it with my Twitter,Facebook and Pinterest Account!

          6. Vicente Pajaro

            Hi how are you? Fine I hope! I can’t seem to download the file [Files (199 MB total) Formula Final.rar]! Is it possible if you could send me a file that’s either PDF or Word or others so I could download the file,thanks!

          7. admin Post author

            Hey Vincent,

            That portion of the Ez Cash Creator bonus is my traffic formula, and it is only Mp4 videos…15+ videos on traffic getting.

            If you can’t download that there is no PDF or text file. I only created video format of that training.

            You should be able to download them? I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to…

          8. Vicente Pajaro

            There seems to be a problem with their server and I even trying replacing my old link with the old one but still the same problem!

          9. admin Post author

            You need to fill in the proper information into Ez Cash Creator software. If you did not upgrade you can not have multiple campaigns running so the previous one will not work – only the campaign that is currently input into Ez Cash Creator will work.
            Hope this helps,

    1. admin Post author

      There are a few techniques you can use to drive traffic to the special link and a few of them are covered in the members area.

      To be honest I think they should have more on traffic generation to maximize the power of the software but the idea is stil pretty solid.

      Leverage highly trusted sites to get more clicks and conversions.

      hope this helps,

    2. admin Post author

      Hey Earnest,

      Traffic is one of the biggest problems and there are a few techniques covered in the basic members area. There could have been more training on this, which is why I am offering my exclusive bonus that helps teach traffic generation for free.

      Let me know if you have any more questions about the Ez Cash Creator software.

  5. Bryan

    I am definitely STILL Waiting on my log in info (WELL OVER 4 HOURS) Luckily I did not do any of the MANY upsells. I regret not doing proper research prior to forking out $49. There are too many others that are surfacing who are in the same boat. No response from tech support, no log in info.. SAD SAD SAD!!

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Bryan,

      Don’t worry. We can get this worked out for you. I already put together a comment on this problem. Here is an overview :

      1) Check spam around the time you purchased. Check promotions tab, and everything!
      2) Contact their support. Sometimes they will respond, but during a launch it can take time.
      3) Contact Clicksure. This is a great way to expedite the issue, but may take a few days.
      4) For near instant results, Head over to WarriorForum. Look for the Clicksure thread and post a nasty message in there. You should hear a response from the guy there very shortly.

      This should do it. Either way, you can get your money back or get your login information.

  6. Mary Ann Bauer

    This is a SCAM……………..just like the rest of the on line work at home offers. They lie to you and it isn’t free, first the program they charged $49.00,then I actually purchased the whole package and it has cost me $718.00 and I have called the phone number that is on my bank statement and nobody will call me back, I have also sent e mails and all they keep sending me is the same link to order the program again. PLEASE REFUND ME MY $718.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you.

    1. admin Post author

      I don’t understand what makes this a scam? Because you purchased all the upsells and never had any intention to EVER do anything with it or EVER take action on what is covered?

      That HARDLY makes Ez Cash Creator a scam, and it only proves that the reason people fail to ever make money online (97% of wannabe marketers) is because they NEVER TAKE ACTION.

      I dare you to actually watch all the training, take action for a month, not buy a new product every 12 seconds, and THEN say it is a scam.


      1. Chris

        I paid for my entrance into it too, but unlike you i couldn’t afford the upsells, which i am glad. It took days for me to get my login info, and i watched the video on getting started using ez cash creator. I haven’t claimed my website offer either, and the video i watched was basically how to use Facebook for free traffic . I followed the instructions in the video to the tee, and it doesn’t place any banners in the videos or info you share on Facebook like it claims. I have emailed support about this many times, and i believe they use an auto responder to emails, because the solution offered to me had no bearing to the questions i posed to them. This software in my opinion is really a bad investment for anyone who is attempting to make it online. The whole thing stinks to high heavens in the first place since the sales video to entice people to get it says i will give this to you for free, and then asks for a one time Pitch in Fee of $49.00. Then once you pay for it, you have to fight forever to get your login info too. BAD INVESTMENT, and i just hope that GOD has a very extra HOT PLACE in HELL for these scammers that LIE like that to people who are so desperate to crawl out of Poverty.

        1. admin Post author


          I’m an honest person and from what I heard your review of this product is completely worthless because you never even got it to work?

          There are like 3 things to fill in to get this software to work, and there is TRAINING to get you started.. If you couldn’t get this software up and running you may want to look into alternative means of making money like a regular job.

          It literally took me to watch the 5 minute training video, take literally 2 minutes to fill in the information and boom. My banner with affiliate link was sitting on CNN.com.

          You can watch the whole thing live in the video, and by the way, I DIDN”T BUY ANY UPSELLS.

          The point is, ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS ARE A BAD INVESTMENT WHEN PEOPLE DON”T TAKE ACTION WITH THEM! THe product is NOT going to make you a millionaire, and the next one you buy in a week wont either.. It is the action you put INTO the course that makes the money.

          “GOD has a very extra HOT PLACE in HELL for these scammers that LIE like that to people who are so desperate to crawl out of Poverty.”

          Dude, what are you talking about? LOL… The software works EXACTLY like the developer said. It puts the banner on ANY SITE you want, just like CNN…JUst like the video on my review page!

          Anyway, good luck to you on the next shiny object.

          1. Chris

            I guess you missed the point entirely huh ! People, I’ve tried using this software as demonstrated in the Members Area Demo Mode training video, and it didn’t work as the author claimed it would, and not once did i get a detailed explanation or suggest as to what i was doing wrong when i clicked on the Support tab in the members area and created a support ticket with a detailed description of my problem. I even went as far as to send along with the support ticket a screen shot of what i had entered in the fields of their software, and not once did i get an explanation of why it wasn’t working for me ! Just came back later to find that ticket was closed, and message for me to watch training video ! Folks, beware of anyone who says they will give you something for free to get you attention, and then convince you to pay for it with a sorry excuse of a one time pitch in fee. Then once you pay for it to be taken to another video trying to squeeze more money out of you with 3 or more upsells that after declining the last one you here the person say “Good Luck at getting this to work with NO TRAFFIC ” !
            The software is BOGUS, does not work Period ! Not one banner showed up in the content that i shared, and the so called SUPPORT in the members area is a joke ! I am not an idiot who pays for something and then doesn’t attempt to use it, and about getting a job, well i am on Disability man, and believe me if i could do so and make it work i would rather get a job than waste my time with this worthless software that doesn’t do what it says it will do ! I just wish that it did do what it claimed it does, but i couldn’t get it to work at all, and support didn’t look into my complaint in the least little bit. So don’t assume that there will be another shiny object in the future.

          2. admin Post author

            Ahhh, I’m tired of this.

            You really think people are that stupid? THEY CAN SEE THE SOFTWARE WORKS IN THE VIDEO ABOVE!

            Just because YOU can’t make this happen, do NOT try to spread your negative thoughts to persuade people into your negative spiral. YOU didn’t succeed.

            I did fine. Other people will too.

            As far as the support issue. I friggin’ hate hearing that stuff because it ruins this industry and people lose faith.
            I put together a post on how to get a hold of someone so that none of us get screwed.

            Check that out.

            Want your money back? Go check out http://www.clicksure.com/refunds

            But please don’t come on my site and claim SCAM when I did my best to show you live that it works. I’m an honest person and
            I even tell people on this Ez Cash Creator site that what the software is lacking is traffic generation.

            That’s why I am offering a traffic bonus.

            Anyway, I don’t have too much time to go back and forth with you so any other responses will not stay posted on my site. Thanks,

            Ps. – Ez Cash Creator works and continues to work for me as you can see in the video.

    1. admin Post author

      You create an affiliate account to promote products. ANy sales will go into your affiliate account.

      You get paid to your bank account.

      Hope that helps you. Have a good day.

  7. Diane Black

    I too paid for the ezcashcreator but after I paid for it and they took me to the login members site, I never could login in.It wouldn,t even let me retry for my password,so I never even got to see the training video ,I don,t want a refund I just want to be able to get in so I could give it a try. I have receive a email telling me that I need to register my code number . But I have no ideal where to do that. Can you help me ?

  8. Nicky

    ALL I want is my PROMISED REFUND!!! Support @ rhino siad it was coming—2 months ago. $2k is what ezcashcreator aka commission jailbreak owes me.
    NO ONE will respond SO I am FORCED to seek help from whatever source.
    I was so taken by the sincerity of Mark Anthony…foolish me.
    Please see what you can do to secure my refund.

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Nicky,

      All I want is for you to NOT come on some random site and scream at the site admin. That is NOT how you get help from me.

      Go to clicksure.com/refunds and complain to them!


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